"I have always used music to express the thoughts I felt too awkward to speak allowed. If I could be the voice for just one person... To have just one person feel my innermost thoughts and fully connect with my music... Music is my air."

Woosie was born Mary Shardae Lewis in Jackson, Mississippi on February 15th, 1988. Being the youngest born of her mother with two older brothers, she found home in the town of Forest, Mississippi until the age of 4: when her mother decided to move her and her brothers to South Florida.

With three children to take care of on her own, Woosie’s mother found a way to keep them entertained by teaching them to sing in harmony on their long trips to visit their family. She soon discovered her own voice in music: idolizing the the vocal styling and warm energy of the late, great Aaliyah in her adolescence. One day she decided to play around with a song by Slimm Calhoun. Her mother discovered that she could also rap and encouraged her to expand her talents and not limit herself to only one genre of music. Taking her mother’s advice, Woosie began to broaden her fandom to lady rappers like Queen Latifah, Eve and Missy Elliot. She also expanded her ear to the soulful sounds of India Arie, Jill Scott, Tamia, Keke Wyatt and Anita Baker. By the time she reached the age of 14 she had developed her own sound and labeled herself a “Lady Rap Singer”.

When she turned 15 she found herself fortunate enough to call herself a member of the R&B/Hip-Hop group MarLewTown. The group consisted of Woosie Kat, Miss. Pookie (cousin), Mello T. (brother) and Silva C. (brother). They found peace and solitude by letting out their feelings in their music. The group found themselves a member short when Miss. Pookie decided to move back to Mississippi. They continued to make music and pay tribute to their family in song. They released their first EP, They Call Us, to the public in April of 2013.

Before long, Woosie decided to pursue a solo career. Music has been a way of life and an outlet of self-expression for her through all of her growing pains. Raised to believe that everything in life is a choice: her choices push her to be true to herself and in turn true to her fans.

Let her music seduce your brainwaves and her lyrics touch your heart. Woosie creates music that speaks volumes to others the way it did and still does for her. Music transcends all barriers and heals most wounds.