This year began with the release of my debut single: Big Bang. Have you heard it yet?

I hope you enjoyed listening to it as much as I loved recording it. If you really like it, the lyrics are posted in the music section of the site.

I Can Hardly Believe The Progress

I have been singing all my life: like most people in this profession. The funny thing is I hated writing. If anyone told my younger self that I would be a song "writer", I would have laughed so hard my head would hurt.

I Poured My Soul Into This Track

I asked my brother to make a track that sounded like me: the elegant side of me that loved makeup and beauty tips. I had no idea what I really wanted. So, I ask him to be creative and make sure there were trumpets.

I connected with the song Instantly

However, it took me years to finally figure out what I wanted to say. Now that I have found my voice, I hope it reaches the souls that can feel the same frequencies as I do.

Thank You

For taking the time to get to know me: I have a lot more music inside me. Be on the lookout for my next single. "VAMP" will be released on sometime in MAY, 2020.

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